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The need to communicate in additional languages grows as new locations of energy source are discovered due to evolving technologies. WWT has translators that are able to cover over 200 languages, including not only all of the main European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern Languages but equally, the less well-known languages and dialects.

WWT is able to cover the diverse languages and dialects used in places such as Greenland, Indonesia and Angola – newly-discovered or developed locations of energy source.

Unsurprisingly, this is an area which is both technically demanding and where, often, technology has exceeded the linguistic limits of the language in use.  As a result, translations in this sector require translators that understand the technology over and beyond the text and that are capable of finding the appropriate expression in the target languages. WWT translators hold industry-relevant degrees and/or have been trained and/or had work experience in the specific sector.

Our specialised team of over 3,500 scientific and technical professionals regularly translates and localizes many projects for the oil and gas industry, including:

  • AutoCAD Drawings & Files
  • Technical Specifications
  • Civil Engineering Documents
  • Training and User Manuals
  • Diagnosis Manuals
  • Production Documents
  • Training Handbooks
  • Quality Procedures
  • Well Reports
  • Legal Documents


Technical Knowledge

Our translators and proofreaders are all qualified native speakers with technical qualifications and experience.


We are known for our thorough supervision and review process. Your documents will be translated by an expert and proofread by a second specialist to ensure the highest possible quality.


Thanks to our large, experienced team and global presence, you benefit from fast turnaround times that keep pace with your business.


You get the highest quality thanks to our robust quality control processes – from one-off translations to large, multilingual projects.


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