Life Science and Pharmaceuticals

For over 13 years, WWT has provided translation services in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical industries, often related to the development of new drugs and medical devices that bear the ultimate twin aims of improving and saving lives. Our clients include Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research bodies, surgical and medical equipment manufacturers, biotech companies and healthcare and medical professionals.

Translations in these sectors are required for a number of reasons, whether at the clinical research stage, often conducted across a number of jurisdictions, during the manufacturing process or for regulatory submission purposes.

If there was ever a pressing need for accuracy, quality and the highest possible attention to detail, it is in this area where inevitably mistakes can cost lives and where the risks include legal proceedings, rejection by regulators and most of all compromising the safety and effectiveness of a product. This area of expertise requires not only scientific knowledge but also invariably legal knowledge largely due to the fact that it is heavily regulated.

Our translators and proofreaders, in this sector, have been trained and/or qualified and/or have work experience in this area as well as having the relevant translation experience in the subject matter they are translating. Additionally, all translations are subject to our strict quality control procedures. WWT is ISO 9001 certified.

Our translators have the necessary know-how and expertise to translate a comprehensive range of pharma/biotech documentation, including:

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Documents
  • Product Licensing
  • Training and e-learning material
  • Regulatory Standards


Technical Knowledge

Our translators and proofreaders are all qualified native speakers with technical qualifications and experience.


We are known for our thorough supervision and review process. Your documents will be translated by an expert and proofread by a second specialist to ensure the highest possible quality.


Thanks to our large, experienced team and global presence, you benefit from fast turnaround times that keep pace with your business.


You get the highest quality thanks to our robust quality control processes – from one-off translations to large, multilingual projects.


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