Translation Company

WWT is a full service translations provider with a client base spread across the globe and a focus on providing high quality translation services.

Our 4 offices around Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt and Milan) allow us to be able to look after the interests of our clients wherever they may arise. We appreciate that understanding different cultures can be just as important as providing linguistic knowledge and expertise.

We have the means and capacities to not only provide you with complex, demanding, high quality translation services by native speakers, but also to manage extensive and multilingual projects competently. So far, we have translated into more than 40 different languages.

Our key strengths are:

  • all of our translators are qualified, native speakers, carefully selected and specialists in the relevant field;
  • we have an in-house team in charge of quality control/proofreading that includes an engineer, an accountant and a lawyer;
  • WWT is UKAS certified for ISO 9001, which ensures that the services provided are safe, reliable and of good quality. WWT maintains this certification by means of annual Audits performed by an UKAS accredited independent body.

The translation company WWT specialises in the provision of translation services in the following sectors:

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